WATCH | Gang Rip Computers From Displays In Front Of Bewildered Shop Staff

A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when several males took it upon themselves to run into a Curry’s electrical store to, well, rip various computers from their display stands before running off without paying for them. 

In the bizarre 40-second clip, at least two males run around like a headless chicken, stealing thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment as they shout: ‘What, what, what!?’ to anyone who gets near them. 

The incident happened in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, yesterday (25th July). 

It is not clear as to how much stuff was stolen, but the fumbling thieves managed to run out of the store without being challenged. 

One employee casually tells one of the thieves: ‘It aint coming off mate’ as the thief tries to pull an expensive computer off of its security tether. 

What would you have done? Would you get involved? Let us know in the comments below.

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