WATCH | Making Paper Masks ‘Sexy’ With A ‘Strip Tease’

When you don your paper mask, it is hard to think of a scenario where the infamous mask can be seen as being ‘sexy’. 

But one woman has managed to change the perspective of, literally, thousands of people by doing a cheeky little ‘face mask strip tease’. 

In the video below, as with all good stripteases, the performer starts with a seductive tease as she slowly takes off one of the fasteners from her ear. 

The eye movements of the performer give you an idea as to what is coming next, as she then takes the right side of the mask off of her ear. 

Now, as both sides of the paper mask are free from the performer’s ears, we await with eager anticipation the ‘big reveal’. 

The tease continues as the viewer becomes ‘worked up’ over what is, by now, a ten-second performance of ultimate face-mask-fantasy. 

And then; BOOM! 

There it is in all of its splendor….time for a cold shower…enjoy! 

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