WATCH | Could This Be The Answer To Eating In Restaurants While Wearing A Mask?

Most of us are missing heading to our favourite restaurant, accompanied by our friends and awkward family members. 

But we are in a dilemma. 

We are being told that we must wear our paper masks in the shops and while on public transport, but we are also being told that we don’t need to wear them in a restaurant. 

To be fair, it is a bit of a mixed message. And it is one of the reasons why quite a few of us are still steering clear of our favourite eatery. 

But we spotted a video on social media earlier on today which we think could hold the answer to our eating-out prayers. 

When the video starts, we see a man sat down in front of a plate of food armed with a knife and a fork. 

As he cuts the food, you start to wonder how he is going to eat his immune-system-boosting vegetables without first having to fumble around with his mask. 

And then, as if by magic, as he raises the food towards his masked mouth, a ‘hatch’ opens on the front of the mask, and the food quickly disappears into his gob. 

You might be wondering what sort of mechanical marvel is responsible for this high-tech mask that enables you to ‘stay safe’ as you chow down on your favourite meal.

The answer is simple: string. 

The mask is ‘powered’ by a tiny thread of string. Please have a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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