If You Need These Gloves, Then Please Get Off The Road

An image has been shared on social media, which shows a motorist who appears to need to be reminded as to which direction is left and which direction is right.

But would you want to be on the road with someone who needs to be told which direction is left and which direction is right?

For example, if this driver was hurtling along the motorway and an overhead gantry sign was telling drivers to ‘keep left’ owing to an emergency ahead, then this driver might end up keeping right (assuming that they weren’t wearing their gloves at the time).

I think that if I was driving behind this motorist and I saw them behind the wheel with these gloves on, then I would exit the motorway ASAP!

When you take into account that most road traffic collisions are caused by driver error, then the fact that this person needs to be reminded of their left from their right is worrying!

Or maybe they were just on a driving lesson?

I am relatively sure that knowing your left from your right is an essential part of your driving test!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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