A McDonald’s Restaurant Has Come Up With A Way Of Stopping People From Eating In

As fast-food restaurants around the world start to re-open, many restaurant managers are having to think of novel ways to stop their customers from eating in. 

Just asking people not to pull up a chair before chowing down on their burger and fries doesn’t really seem to work. 

You could remove all of the chairs. 

But then people would probably sit on the floor instead, and nobody wants to start hauling hungry people around – because we all know what we are like when we are hungry! 

But one McDonalds restaurant has come up with a great way of reminding their customers that ‘eating in’ is not really an option. 

Small traffic cones have been sellotaped to stools meaning that, unless you want a cone up your behind, then I am guessing that most people are going to resist the urge to sit down before chowing down. 

Do you think this will be enough to stop hungry people from sitting down before eating their food? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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