WATCH | Males Tries Putting Petrol In His Electric Vehicle

There’s little doubt that electric cars will someday replace combustion engine vehicles on the road.

And this is one of the reasons why the nations which rely on fossil fuels to ‘fuel’ their economy are diversifying in different industries.

Running an electric vehicle should be relatively simple and pain-free.

As long as you remember NOT to try and put petrol into your electric car – especially when your electric vehicle is a $70,000 Tesla.

But that is precisely what the guy in the video below tried to do when his Tesla told him that it was running low on battery power.

In the video below, uploaded to Justin Flom’s official Facebook page, the male can be seen to exit his Tesla Model S before heading over to the fuel pump.

The male is being filmed by another motorist who was directly behind him and who, knowing that a Tesla should not be parked next to a gas pump, must have assumed that the guy was going to try and put petrol into his petrol-less car.

The dude manages to open his ‘fuel cap’ and then looks through his wallet for a suitable form of payment.

After picking up the pump, the male tries to line it up with where he thinks the highly flammable fuel should be pumped into the all-electric vehicle.

The male then tries to insert the pump into the connection where the charger is supposed to go, but he quickly realises that there is something wrong.

The person filming resists the urge to inform the Tesla driver that his car runs on electricity and not the remnants of 1 million-year-old fossils.

The Tesla driver then has a fumble around the inside of his boot.

Although I am not entirely sure what he was looking for. Perhaps it was some connector which he thought was missing?

He then starts to press around on the other side of the car; I’m guessing to see if there was a hole for the ‘petrol tank’ on the other side of the vehicle.

Confused, the driver of the Tesla then gets on his phone and types something into Google.

I am not sure what he types, but judging by his reaction, I bet that it is something along the lines of: ‘where is the petrol cap on a Tesla?’.

When he hits ‘return’ then the search results leave him in little doubt as to where the problem lies.

So the male gets back into his Tesla and heads off to try and find the nearest recharging station.

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