WATCH | People Are Obsessed With This ‘If Birds Had Arms’ Video

Have you ever wondered what birds would look like if they had human arms? Nope; neither have I.

But that was before I saw a video doing the rounds on social media that gives a glimpse into the bizarre world of birds with ‘human arms’.

The video, uploaded by Duncan Evans (UK), was shared on his Facebook page only yesterday.

But it has already been shared 165k times, attracting 47k comments and 28k ‘likes’. Which, in under 24 hours, is pretty impressive.

The video starts with a bird (with its human arms) looking through some binoculars.

The next bizarre scene shows some birds doing the washing up. But at this stage of the video, you cannot help but watch the remaining 25 seconds of freaky footage.

I think, for me, the best bit of the video is the grouse running across a field with its ‘arms’ in the air.

Or maybe it is the sparrow taking some selfies using the standard-issue selfie stick.

Have a watch of the video and let us know in the comments below which scene was your favourite and why.

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