Magaluf Strip Ordered To Close Owing To ‘Out Of Control’ Holiday Makers

The Spanish authorities have announced that the infamous Magaluf strip is to close until at least Sept ’20 because of the drunken behaviour of ‘out of control’ tourists. 

Over the past couple of weeks, videos which have been uploaded to social media show boozed-up tourists jumping on cars, chanting in the street and causing general mayhem – while not wearing any face masks. 

Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela said that the Punta Ballena area would remain closed as a result of the bad behaviour shown by visitors to the Majorcan party town.

For years now, Magaluf has been a popular destination for young tourists who are looking for a ‘no frills’ approach to getting hammered and partying. 

I have been there myself and fully embraced the ‘magaluf experience’ before I got married and had kids. 

But Iago said that the country ‘cannot tolerate’ the antics of the boozed-up revellers who have been causing mayhem in the town. 

Angered by their behaviour, local Spaniards have been recording the ‘out of control’ party-goers before uploading the footage to social media in a bid to show the world what they have to contend with. 

Iago said: 

“I think it’s a sufficiently clear message to those practising the type of tourism of excess we don’t want here, that they shouldn’t come because those types of establishments are not going to be able to open.

“If those holidaymakers go to other areas, and if there are businesses that promote that type of clientele, they will also be closed, and they will also be prohibited.

“We will not hesitate a single second when it comes to doing everything we need to, to guarantee the health security of our citizens and our economic reactivation.

“We are a safe destination. 

“The vast majority of our citizens, business leaders and holidaymakers, who are making a great effort, do not deserve the sort of images we have seen over the past few days and they do not deserve those types of holidaymakers and those types of businessmen.”

So where are holidaymakers, who are looking for the ‘magaluf experience’, going to head to now? 

We are already halfway through summer, and the holiday options are starting to decrease as hotspots like Magaluf decide that the drunken behaviour of visitors is just not worth subjecting their citizens to. 

Ibiza could be an option, but since the average cost of a drink in an Ibiza superclub (from experience) is around 20 Euros, you might need to raid the bank of mum and dad before heading out there…

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