WATCH: USS Bonhomme Richard Fire Injures 21 Crew Members

17 US Navy sailors have been injured after the USS Bonhomme Richard caught fire while she was undergoing maintenance work in San Diego.

The fire started shortly after 09:00 hours on 12th July following reports of a massive explosion.

Firefighting vessels could be seen surrounding the Wasp Class amphibious assault ship as the fire raged throughout the night.

As the time of the fire, the vessel had a minimal crew on board, which is standard practice when a military ship is undergoing major maintenance work.

Four civilians were amongst the total number of 21 people injured.

The cause of the fire is not known. In a recent video that has been uploaded to Twitter, a witness reported seeing the vessel list heavily to starboard.

The 843ft vessel was built in 1997 and saw active service in 2003 (Iraq) as well as being involved in various humanitarian campaigns.

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