Huge KFC Order Leads To $26,000 Fine After Paramedics Spotted Partygoers

The state of Victoria in Australia is currently on a massive lockdown after a significant spike in COVID-19 cases.

But that did not stop one group of revellers from throwing a party in direct contravention of the life-saving lockdown rules.

As with most partygoers, the group started to get hungry mid-way through their Friday evening.

Not content with the food that was in the cupboards, some food ‘scouts’ were sent out to get some provisions from a local KFC.

Everything was going well for the group, until some alert paramedics noticed that the people who were buying the fast food had enough food to feed, well, a party.

In total, 20 meals were purchased by the ‘scouts’ who had been sent out by the revellers to get the grub.

When the partygoers got back into their car, along with their 20 meals, the paramedics let their police colleagues know what they had seen and passed them the vehicle registration mark of the car.

When police turned up at the address where the vehicle was registered, they found 16 hungry people hiding in various places around the property.

The group had been celebrating a friends birthday.

A total of 16 fines were handed out, totalling AUD 26,000. That is a costly food run.

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