Army Lists Apps Which Soldiers Are Banned From Downloading

When you join the armed forces, you accept that there will be certain things you can and cannot do. 

This applies to both ‘work’ time (although, technically, when you serve in the armed forces then you are always at work) and during your own time. 

But a post has emerged on social media which allegedly shows the list of apps which the Indian Army has banned its soldiers from downloading. 

There are dozens of apps listed; Some you have heard of and many you probably haven’t. 

Included in the list is popular the popular video-sharing app ‘TikTok’ as well as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 

When it comes to dating, then soldiers might have to rely on more ‘converntional’ methods to meet potential partners, as Tinder has also been banned. 

The apps mentioned in the chit have been categorised into 18 different sections including messaging apps, video hosting, content sharing, web browsers, video and live streaming, utility apps, gaming apps, e-commerce, dating apps, antivirus, news apps and music apps. 

With so many popular apps listed on the order, it makes you wonder what else there is for the Indian soldiers to download!?  

The person who uploaded to picture of the list of banned apps said: 

“This is a list of App banned for sue by the Indian Army for all ranks”.

Amazon seems to have escaped the mass-banning so soldiers wanting to enjoy some music can choose Amazon Music Unlimited, and they can download Amazon Prime Video if they are on a static guard posting and need some entertainment. 

If they need some entertainment when they are being flown around the country in military aircraft, then they could download Amazon’s digital audiobook service, Audible

And if they are thinking of leaving the army to start their own business, then they might not be allowed to download AliExpress, but they could download Amazon Business

And let’s not forget that India’s soldiers can still get access to over 1 million books with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

So all is not lost. Unless Amazon ever gets banned. In which case, their soldiers are screwed when it comes to keeping themselves entertained during their downtime. 

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