WATCH: Boating Couple Rescue Baby Bear With A Large Plastic Bottle On Its Head

There is little denying that humanity seems to excel when it comes to polluting our environment with rubbish.

And, although we seem to be getting better at not leaving our garbage everywhere, it’s the animal kingdom that often ends up paying the price for our blatant disregard for the environment.

And the video below is a prime example of the extra burden we have put on the animal kingdom when it comes to their day-to-day survival.

When keen boaters Tricia Hurt and her husband were enjoying a calm cruise on a lake near their Wisconsin home, they noticed something moving in the calm waters.

As they moved closer, they were caught completely off-guard by what they saw.

A baby bear had got its head stuck in a large plastic bottle and was now swimming around the lake with it on his head.

The couple wasn’t sure how long the bear had the bottle on its head for, but they knew that, unless they helped her, then she would probably die of hunger.

And rather than just leaving the bear for dead, the couple stepped in and helped to save the bears life by carefully removing the large bottle from the bears head.

The caring couple managed to bring their boat alongside the bear as it continued to try and swim away from them.

As the bear started to swim quicker in a bid to try and get away from the boat, the large plastic bottle started to fill up with water.

As they circle round for another try, the baby bear continues to swim off into the distance.

But the couple does not give up.

As they come around for another try, a male in the boat reaches over the side of the small vessel and pulls the large bottle off of the bears head.

The elated couple shout “swim happy” to the baby bear as it paddles off into the distance.

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