WATCH: Man Cooks A BBQ On A Motorised Surf Board

Most people enjoy a good BBQ, and quite a few people enjoy being on the water. But what is the best way to enjoy both activities?

Well, if you have loads of cash, then you could buy a yacht complete with its own BBQ area.

But you are going to new a couple of hundred grand (not to mention the yearly maintenance costs, berthing costs etc. etc.)

Or, if you know anyone who is great at making ‘stuff’, then you could strap an inboard engine to a surfboard and then clamp a BBQ on to the front of the ‘thing’?

We spotted the video below this morning and thought that it would make the perfect solution for anyone who enjoys powering around on a lake while at the same time cooking up a BBQ.

Would you want one? Let us know in the comments below

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