Veteran Verbally Abused For Wearing “Racist” & “Offensive” Facemask

If you, or a member of your family, has served in the UK armed forces, then you are probably familiar with the MOD crest. 

The crest represents the navy, army and air force and is cherished by the wider armed forces community and its many, many supporters. 

But when a veteran was spotted on a train wearing a facemask with the emblem of the armed forces on it, someone decided to take it upon themself to label the mask as “racist” and “offensive”.

Shocked, the veteran pointed out to the member of the public that the emblem on the mask represents the UK armed forces.

But the professional moaner was not impressed and so complained to the guard on the train. 

The veteran then had to explain to the guard that the emblem represents the armed forces and that ‘race’ has got nothing to do with the design – after all, the UK armed forces proudly has men and women serving who come from all backgrounds. 

In a post on social media, the veteran said:

“Just had someone kicking off at me and then the conductor on the train that my face mask is racist and offensive.

“I explained to the conductor about the design, and he’s okay with it. 

“he told the little snot to clam down or he will have to put them off at the next station.”

Thankfully, the guard on the train sided with common sense and told the professional moaner who had complained about the veteran to ‘wind his neck in’ – so to speak. 

Has the world gone crazy? Are veterans now not allowed to be proud of their service!? 

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29 thoughts on “Veteran Verbally Abused For Wearing “Racist” & “Offensive” Facemask

  1. Despite the courageous effort of our military and emergency services, and their selfless dedication to this once proud nation, the time has come to remove the word great from great Britain. Day after day I read about oxygen thieves in similar situations, and I just give up. Bless our armed and emergency services, I will continue to support and defend you to the end. Thank you.

    1. The Great in Great Britain has nothing to do with our Glorious past and simply means the UK mainland , the big bit including England , Scotland and Wales.

      1. ‘Great’ is subjective and can surely mean whatever you want it to mean.

  2. Just a pity a picture of the little snot wasn’t taken and shared on FB. I wear my Veterans badge everywhere and with pride and no one will ever make me remove it… Too many little snots going around, unfortunately.

  3. I am appalled that anyone has nothing better to do than complain – about anything and everything.

  4. He probably has little man syndrome, immature & mouthy trying to compensate.
    I’m sure he couldn’t make it in the service.

  5. I believe we should follow the American example of holding our military forces and veterans in a position of respect as they are, after all, some of the finest in the world. Plus: Yes, where can we get one? 😉

  6. How dare the little snot complain about a Veteran. He should be grateful, he has the freedom, that other Veterans gave their lives and didn’t come home, so people like him would have the freedom, that the Nazi’s would deny him,if they had won the war.People like him really need to get a grip and grow up, though, i doubt he ever will. Me,myself, i wouldn’t give him the time of day . Ex-Regular Royal Navy, Aden and Northern Ireland Veteran and Proud to Serve my Queen and Country and Proud to Wear my Veterans Badge and Aden Badge, always. Thank God we don’t have to rely on little snots,like him,for our future defence.

    1. Agree with all the comments useless people complaining about things they know nothing about

  7. Did the little shoite explain WHY it was offensive and racist. For the life of me I cannot see anything offensive about it.

  8. It totally saddens me what I have seen these past weeks of double standards, particularly how this situation has been blown out of all proportions, as you know, starting with the unfortunate loss of life to someone very well known to the police for his Own unscrupulous actions! It was wrong and is being dealt with in a manner of law!
    We now see all of this anger being forced upon us by way of rioting, looting and beating of innocent people going about their daily lives,
    In the wonderful game of football now wearing the new slogan BLM but we’re deemed racist to wear a poppy
    to remember the very people that gave all for our great country, I am not racist but am offended by BLM, as it should be ALL LIVES MATTER!
    It’s little snots like this toser on the train that will kill this great country and drive the wedge even further!
    It just seems to me, in this age of social media, peoples filters have totally disappeared and lost the power of thought, but moreover, when and how to say it…
    Now, where can I get one of them masks!

  9. Moaner called a “snot “ a few times , very apt description although why insult a snot .

  10. What has this country come to Briton used to be great but not no more. All those people of all races whom fought in 2 world wars all those whom served and fought other wars. Its a sad world when Great Briton is no longer Great.
    I will wear my Veterans badge on daily basis as i have done in the past as i am proud to have served my Queen and Country

  11. The police shouldcome down hard on this unsavorygroup of individuals and racist group

  12. I despair at the way this country is going. We will end up with a split nation and as was noted in the civil war it did not matter what camp you supported, either Roundheads or Cavaliers people died in great numbers. Is this what these lefty fools want because if it is then their wish may well be granted, in the not to distant future. What right has anybody to complain about something like a face mask. We are now in an “I’m right your wrong” culture and if you don’t agree with me you’re a racist. THIS MUST STOP AND STOP SOON!

  13. There are a few of you asking where to get them from, has anyone found out yet, I want a couple.

  14. Great to see that the brainless moron who complained about the wearing of a joint services mask was put down by the sensible conductor. The BBC ignored my complaint that BLM is in itself racist and that ALL LIVES MATTER. May I remind all morons, and those free loaders in higher education who choose to follow trouble makers like sheep, and have no knowledge that many of their forebears; brave men and women of all colours and creads served in the forces and fought, and in many cases made the ultimate sacrifice during WW1 & WW2 for the lifestyle we enjoy today. Unfortunately, there are racists in all countries, and for those supporting BLM is it not hypocritical that they overlook the atrocities that are being carried out by black people in their own countries.
    I served for 25 years in HM RM, and suggest that young people today before embarking upon demostrations in support of BLM they consider holding banners ALL LIVES MATTER which their forebears have fought for and given their lives for.

  15. I can’t see anyone else who has said it, so I will, where was this toe rag from? And by that I mean what country.

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