Man Spends €189 On 42 Pints Of Guinness As Pubs Start To Reopen

Many of us have forgotten what it tastes like to have a pint of our favourite drink in a pub.

As a Guinness fan myself (I even named my cat after my favourite drink) I can relate to anyone who has been missing the velvety taste of a pint of Guinness.

Having a pint at home, surrounded by video games and dirty washing, is never going to be the same as sitting down the pub with your mates, enjoying a few slurps of your favourite drink.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear about thirsty people who have tried to ‘catch-up’ on lost drinking time down the pub.

But one thirsty patron in Ireland ended up ordering 42, yes, 42 pints of Guinness when he ventured out to his favourite drinking hole.

To be fair, these 42 pints of black velvet weren’t all consumed by just one person. It was a group of mates who had come together for this frenzied drinking session.

Also on the receipt, shared by Darnley Lodge Hotel, were two bowls of soup, one fish ‘n’ chips and two cokes.

I am going to be honest here and say that I would never have thought that a group of mates drinking 42 pints of Guinness would also order two bowls of soup.

How is soup going soak up the Guinness and thus, in doing so, allow you to top yourself up with another couple of pints!?

Surely a burger or something similar would have been a better option!?

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