WATCH: Lifeguard Frantically Waves At Train Driver As Two Walkers Use Tunnel As A Shortcut

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Translink Northern Ireland has shared some dramatic footage of the moment when a beach lifeguard frantically waves at a train driver to warn him about two walkers who decided to use a train tunnel as a shortcut.

The 33-second clip (below) starts as the train hurtles along a single track next to the beach.

Three seconds into the video, you can make out the distinctive yellow uniform of a lifeguard as he frantically waves his arms above his head, to warn the driver.

Eleven seconds into the video, the train enters the pitch-black tunnel.

A spokesperson for Translink said: “Never use the railway as a shortcut. Trespassing on the railway is extremely dangerous and could lead to a conviction”.

Nobody was injured during this near-miss.

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