WATCH: Flotilla Of 40 Jet Skis Descend On Beach Doing ‘Doughnuts’ Only Yards Away From Kids

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If you grew up relatively close to the sea, then, like me, you too are probably also hooked on watersports. 

If you are not a watersports fan, then you have probably also seen videos on social media of jet skis darting around like AWOL torpedos as their riders skim over the water. 

I am a massive fan of jet skis. I once tried to ride a jet-ski from Shoeburyness (Essex) to Jersey to raise money for the RNLI. 

The trip was all pre-planned, and me and my fellow fundraisers practised for around six months before heading off on our voyage (circa Sept 2002). 

Despite our best efforts, we only made it to Brighton after around 12-hours of non-stop (other than for refuelling) ‘riding’. Our jet-ski ended up sucking up some tow-rope, and thus we were put out of action.

It was exhilarating but knackering! 

But when I saw the Essex Police Marine Unit on Twitter (@EPMarine) share a video of around 14 jet-skiers darting around only yards from where kids were playing in the surf on the beach, then I slapped my palm right across my forehead. 

Personally, I have never seen the point of just doing doughnuts on flat calm water. 

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