The Country That Got It Right: New Zealand Is Free From Coronavirus!

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Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, has declared that her country is free from the deadly coronavirus and she has officially ended the lockdown in her country – much to the delight of New Zealanders. 

There are, however, still stringent border controls in place which are intended to keep new cases of the deadly virus away from the country. 

But robust social distancing methods have been lifted after health officials in the country confirmed that no new cases of COVID-19 had been detected. 

During a press conference, Ms Ardern said that her country had: 

Meanwhile, in the UK, three months after the lockdown started, lockdown measures have only recently started to ease. 

But from midnight tonight, all restrictions in New Zealand will be lifted.

Back in March, New Zealand had around 200 confirmed cases the virus. Even during its peak, only 1,500 cases were confirmed. 

Twenty-two people in New Zealand died after contracting the virus. 

That represents a figure of around 0.0000044% of the total population. 

In the UK, over 40,000 people have died, which represents a figure of around 0.00061538% of the population – a mortality rate 1,398 times higher than New Zealand. 

Scientists have said that the mortality rate in New Zealand could have been much higher had their government not have acted so swiftly. 

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  1. I’d like to see the proof that New Zealand is now free of Covid 19, as I have no reason to trust Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand.
    It is more likely that the virus is still there and will re-emerge in the coming months as with the 1918 flu pandemic.

    1. What proof would you consider acceptable Vaughan Ellis? A total of 295,000 tests have been completed to find 1500 cases. NZ is still undertaking almost 2,000 tests daily. No new cases have been detected In the last month there have been three only cases detected, none since May 20.

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