Local Lad Raises Money To Buy Moisturising Products For Firefighters

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It has been three months now since the government told us that we have to wash our hands as often as possible. 

And by now, if you aren’t suffering from some form of dermatitis already, then at the very least, I bet that your hands require some TLC?

But think how the fine men and women who serve in the emergency services must feel when they are, without doubt, being exposed to the risks of COVID-19 on an hourly basis. 

The constant hand washing and alcohol gels can genuinely play havoc with your hands which, if you are on the front line of the emergency services, can be a dangerous thing. 

“Luke used the money raised to buy moisturising products for the firefighters to mitigate the effects of constant glove changes, alcohol gels and hand washes and help protect our skin during the pandemic.

“Cheers Luke”.

Luke replied by saying:

“You’re more than welcome and thank you for all the hard work all the firefighters do”.

Image credit: Westbury Fire Station / Facebook

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