Just What Your BBQ Has Been Missing – SKULL SHAPED CHARCOAL

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Usually, by June, most of us would have been to at least 15 BBQs.

Even when the weather is bad, we still like to head outside and eat our body weight in BBQ food.

Of course, we miss going to our favourite restaurants as well.

But we have all got a mate or family member who can cook up the perfect BBQ, even though they are usually rubbish when it comes to cooking ‘traditional’ food in the kitchen.

Image credit: Skullcharcoal.com

Some people even spend more money on their BBQs than they do their vehicles.

For example, my clapped out Ford is probably worth less than I paid for my BBQ.

But, until now, I have always thought that something has been ‘missing’ from my BBQ. But I never knew exactly what it was.

And now I know; skull-shaped charcoal! How comes I have never seen these before?

Nothing quite says “enjoy your food” than having charcoal skulls staring back at you!

You can get them from a website called (funnily enough) Skullcharcoal.com.

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