Five Entertaining Ways To Stay Cool During The Summer

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Unless you prefer staying in the shade for the entire summer, then you will undoubtedly find that you end up spending some time splashing around in a paddling pool in your mates garden.

That is assuming, of course, that you don’t mind ingesting your friend’s urine as they pee in the paddling pool rather than going indoors to relieve themselves.

So if you are going to be heading to some sort of impromptu paddling pool party, then you are going to want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

And we have JUST the things for you!

BEST REVIEW: ‘These are hilarious and have caused much hilarity with the family over the weekend as we bash each other with poo sticks and sit on the blow-up toilet!! Yes – we re super childish. Genuinely good value and made of strong stuff. They blow up easily, and you can sit on the seat on the pool and not fear falling in. Just a really good fun little thing!’ – Cameron

Buy it from Amazon for 21.03

2. Inflatable Logs (with sticks). If you do not want to offend your mate by hitting them over the head with an inflatable turd, then these inflatable logs with accompanying sticks should do the ‘job’. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Bought this for an upcoming holiday and just can’t wait to use it with my kids. We’re the competitive type of family and this will just brig so much joy to us all. Nicer than just this inflatables you lie on to relax…..this way you work out a little whilst bashing your opponent :)’ – Shi

Buy it from Amazon for 19.99

3. Turn your garden into a waterpark. The waterparks might be shut, but don’t let that stop you from turning your garden into your very own waterpark. Hell, you could even start charging your mates to come over and using it – just like a real waterpark.

BEST REVIEW: ‘kids enjoyed this water play mat. Seems quite hard wearing and durable. Great to cool the kids down in the summer heat. Just need more weather to get the most use of it now!’ – Adam W

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

4. Float on a slice of Pizza. If your mate has got a decent sized paddling pool, then stand out from the crowd by floating around on this slice of pizza. The good thing is that this slice of ‘pizza’ hasn’t got any pineapple on it. Result. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Really great pizza slice inflatable! We were part of a large group and this was the most popular amongst the kids and kept going when other inflatables started to go floppy. The kids always refer to the pizza slice when we mention the holiday…really good buy.’ – Karen (seriously, that’s her name) 

Buy it from Amazon for 8.99

5. Giant Inflatable Sprinkler Unicorn. It’s ok; you like Unicorns. We get it. That’s why we have found this giant inflatable sprinkler unicorn. You can set this up in your garden so your mates can enjoy being hit with unicorn juice. 

BEST REVIEW ‘It’s a great product my daughter loves it thank you’ – david

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

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