Dog Owners Leaves Note In Car Window To Stop His Windows Getting Smashed

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We all know by now, that if you leave your dog in your car with the windows up during this hot weather, then you do not deserve the companionship and friendship that a dog can bring into your life. 

And yet every summer, we always hear stories about how poor dogs have had to be rescued from sweltering cars after their owners decided to leave them in what is essentially a halogen oven. 

But one dog owner left a note on his car, explaining that, despite his dog being locked in the vehicle during the hot weather, all was well. 

He was worried that concerned members of the public would see the dog without realising that the air-con had been left on and smash his windows in order to free the dog. 

“Dog is listening to Creedence (she hates the f**king eagles!)

“Back in a flash! 


At least it confirms that there are legions of people out there who, upon seeing a dog that has been left in a car without any air-con running, will be more than willing to rescue the dog by making a ‘hole’ in the windows of the vehicle where a dog has been left inside and is suffering.

I am not sure how he managed to keep the air-con running whilst at the same time locking the car and taking his keys with him thou!? 

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  1. Second set of keys- clever trick of those used to traveling with animals and need a bathroom break or whatever.

  2. I’ve an old car and in winter often leave engine and heater on to defrost the windscreen, the spare key locks the doors. It’s only allowed on your own private property though. Regarding the dog I’d worry someone would steal our little dog so she’s never left anywhere except at home. Don’t care about the car.

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