Lad Who Has Had Enough Of People Sets Sail On DIY Yacht

With all of the constant negativity and conflict that is going on around us at the moment, you would not be blamed for wanting to set sail across the oceans for a few months. Or years.

But unless you are loaded with cash and have enough money to buy a yacht, then what can you do?

Well, one lad seems to have come up with the perfect way of getting away from it all by spending some quality ‘alone time’ on a makeshift DIY yacht.

Armed only with a paddle board, a deck chair, table and umbrella, this innovative citizen has been able to build a DIY ocean-going yacht that can circumnavigate the world.

The ideal Yacht if you are on a budget

Of course, in reality, you would be mad to consider going anywhere on this DIY yacht as there is a high chance that the first wave you encounter would be enough to knock you off of your ‘yacht’.

But we thought that the image captured how many people are feeling right now.

You can almost picture yourself sipping your favourite drink as you float aimlessly on the water, forgetting about all of the negative stuff that is happening around the world right now…

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