Brand New £200k Lambo Is A Write Off 20 Minutes After Purchase

A brand new £200k Lamborghini has been written off less than 20 minutes after the owner had driven it away from the showroom. 

The sports car had come to a stop on the M1 motorway, apparently due to a ‘mechanical failure’. 

As it sat stationary on lane 3 of the busy motorway, it was hit from behind by a motorist who was driving a van. 

PC Richard Whiteley, a Roads Policing Officer from West Yorkshire Police, tweeted images of the sports car with the caption: 

“It’s only a car! But on this occasion a 20-minute old brand new Lamborghini that stopped due to mechanical failure in lane three them hit from behind by an innocent motorist.”

Imagine being the insurance company of the van that hit the Lambo and having to now potentially face the prospect of a £200k repair bill…ouch. 

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in the collision. 

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