WATCH: Lockdown Lad Finds Dodgy Alternative Use For His Treadmill

If you are a fan of the gym, then you have probably found the last few months incredibly hard because your gym has been shut for so long.

I am reasonably sure that most of us now have added at least a few pounds to our waistline as we buy tonnes of fast-food from our local restaurants as a way of ‘supporting’ local businesses.

All those years of going to the gym and now we have to watch as our once toned bodies become just a shadow of their former selves.

If you are fortunate, then you probably have a treadmill at home as well as some weight-training equipment.

But several months of using the same pieces of fitness equipment over and over again probably means that you are getting bored of your home ‘mini-gym’.

Well, one lad has thought of a novel way of using his treadmill for some home-based entertainment as well as fitness.

It involves sitting in a washing basket and setting the treadmill to various speeds before hurtling yourself off of the back of the treadmill.

In a 30-second clip that has been uploaded to social media, over 95 people have shared their thoughts on the idea via the comments which they have left on the post.

The video has been ‘liked’ nearly 9k times and has had 31k shares.

Would you try this at home (assuming that you had a treadmill)? Let us know in the comments below!

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