3 Essential Items You Must Have For Your Night shift

Working during the night, as everyone else sleeps, is hard work.

If you have never had to work a nightshift, then count yourself lucky and spare a thought for the tens of thousands of people who zombie their way through the night.

But if you do work nights, then we have hand-picked (as former night shift workers ourselves) 3 essential items which you should always carry with you!

1. A ‘travel pillow‘. Ok, granted, not everyone will be able to get away with having a quick sleep during their nightshift. But you could always use your 15-minute break to catch some ZZZZ’s rather than zoning out during late-night conversations. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘My old inflatable neck pillow sprung a leak an was very old. I have just had spinal surgery and needed support for travelling in the car. The astronaut is perfect, and I like the neck clip, so it doesn’t fall off, which I found my old one did. Also extremely comfortable’ – ‘Davide.’

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2. A torch. No credible night shift worker can navigate their way through the night without a torch. Yes, your phone can do the job if you need it to. But when you drop your phone, and its screen smashes, then you will be kicking yourself!

BEST REVIEW: ‘This is a great torch for the price and exactly what I needed for dog walks on the field at 5am. It’s small enough for your Jean’s pocket, but reassuringly weighty, giving it a quality feel. The beam casts a very bright wide illumination but you can also adjust it to narrow the field right down to aim at something in particular.

Using the batteries that came with it so need to add some longer life batteries (3xAAA) in order to comment on battery life. All in all a powerful little torch’ – S. Buchan 

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3. Refs Box. If you are trying to save money, by avoiding buying fast food during your night shift, then you are going to need a ‘lunch’ box. But we have found one that should also ensure that wandering hands stay away from your food. 

By having a lunch box that also has pictures of all of the body’s vital organs on it, then anyone thinking of stealing your food might believe that, rather than being a lunch box, that it is, in fact, a bag used for the transportation of human organs.

BEST REVIEW: This is a new listing that has yet to be reviewed! 

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