I Bet You Forgot That Father’s Day Is Upon Us! Need Some Gift Ideas?

If you have a memory like a sieve, then the chances are that you have probably forgotten about the fact that it is Father’s Day this Sunday!

To be fair, with everything that has been going on around the world recently, you can be forgiven for forgetting this day of nostalgia and celebration.

So if you did forget that this Sunday is Father’s Day and you need some light-hearted inspiration, then here are our top five Father’s Day gift ideas:

If your dad loves pizza and he also has a passion for his socks, then these ‘Pizza Socks’ will probably go down quite well. 

Just make sure that you remind your dad that you cannot actually eat these socks (as they are not slices of pizza, obvs). 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Your dad, like 99.9% of men, probably spends at least five hours per day, sat on the toilet. Why not give him something to read (other than his phone) as he answers his call to nature? 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Does your dad tend to be a bit grumpy? Especially when he is tired? Well, this ‘Grumpy’s Man Cave – Keep Out’ metal plaque will make the ideal Father’s Day gift! 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Is your Dad a Breaking Bad fan? If so, then this spoof ‘Baking Bad’ recipe book will probably go down quite well. 

It is described as: ‘a spoof recipe book created in homage to the TV series that we STILL can’t stop talking about. A cookbook for fans of the greatest cult show ever produced (and no gasmask is required)’.

Grab yours by clicking HERE

And finally, no, this is not a toy that can be used in the bedroom. These are, in fact, Lightsaber BBQ Tongs! So if your dad is a fan of Star Wars, then, chances are, he will love these! 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

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