WATCH: Is This Kangaroo Keeping Watch Over Someone’s Home?!

Let’s face it; we would all like to have our own security guard posted outside the front of our house. 

Especially during the night or when we are away. 

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, to find that some scroat has broken into your house, and nicked all of your stuff. 

But one TikTok user in Australia has filmed what appears to be a massive kangaroo as it seems to keep watch over a house. 

Is this a highly trained, personal protection kangaroo? 

Or is the kangaroo standing there, looking out for the next human to beat up? 

The way the kangaroo is looking from left to right clearly shows that it has had some professional security training. 

Either way, we like the idea of Close Protection Kangaroos that will keep watch over your house while you are away. 

@caragh19 posted the video on her TikTok account with the caption: ‘What it’s like living in Australia’. 

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