Missing Full Stop Costs Motorists £100’s In Parking Fines

You only have to run a social media page to know just how militant the grammar police are when it comes to typos and missing punctuation. 

But where was the grammar police when a council made up a parking sign that caused motorists to lose hundreds of pounds owing to penalty notices!? 

The parking sign should have read: “No parking. Enforcement in operation”. But owing to a missing full-stop, the sign read: ‘No Parking Enforcement In Operation’

Despite the error made by the local council, motorists were still fined hundreds of pounds for parking somewhere where, owing to the mistake on the sign, they thought that they could park.

Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, Andy Boddington, told the Shropshire Star: 

“There was considerable confusion over the Covid-19 signs which banned parking on the square. 

“The signs read ‘No parking enforcement in operation’. They should have read ‘No parking. Enforcement in operation’.

“For want of a stop, a message was lost, and parking fines were issued.”

Councillor Boddington also told the paper: 

“I would encourage anybody who’s got parking tickets to challenge it. 

We believe that four people were fined and they will have to challenge these individually.”

Do you think that the motorists will be let off? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image credit: Andy Boddington

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