The Top Nine Weirdest Things British People Put In Sandwiches

In Britain, we love our sandwiches. Not more than a few hours normally goes by without us trying to sniff out the next sandwich, whether it is being sold in a petrol station or a deli counter that will cost us at least £7. 

But British folk have developed a reputation all around the world for literally putting anything in our sandwiches. 

I have been guilty of putting completely random foodstuffs into my sandwiches. 

My all-time favourite was Super Noodles and processed cheese slices. 

You cook the super noodles and then place them on your slice of bread along with at least two slices of processed cheese. Once the gourmet meal has cooled, then it is ready to eat. 

It is a bit soggy, but it is not about the taste – it’s about the texture, right? 

But what other bizarre combinations are the British known for? Here are the top six:


Most of us would eat chip-shop chips every night if we could. I say ‘chip-shop’ chips because they are, without a doubt, the best tasting chips money can buy. 

Us Brits have been packing our sandwiches with chip-shop chips since time immemorial. 


Nothing tops off a sandwich quite like a bag of crisps. 

Whether your favourite flavour is salt and vinegar or prawn cocktail, a sandwich always looks ‘naked’ without a packet of crisps crammed inside. 


No, this is not a typo. 

If you have not yet sliced up a banana and wedged it into a sandwich, then you are missing out on one of life’s many hidden secrets. 

Some crazy fools even put honey and sugar on the bananas — but that down to individual preferences.  


If you do not care about how many calories you are going to be packing during your meal, then putting a slice of pizza in a sandwich is something you should try. 

Although, for legal reasons, the pizza is not allowed to have pineapple on it…

Pot Noodle

As well as super noodles, pot noodles also make a great addition to two slices of bread. 

Again, you have to let the noodles cool down before you chuck them in their rightful place (between two slices of bread). 

Any flavour goes, but chicken and mushroom pot noodles are particularly good. 


Us Brits love our curry. At the moment, I find that I have one at least once a week. You might be thinking that naan bread or poppadoms might make the perfect accompaniment to your curry. 


The best way to eat a curry is to put it in a sandwich. 

Shepherds Pie

Another great dish that tastes even better when rammed between two slices of bread. 

Tomato sauce is a must (with lashings of Worcestershire Sauce, obvs). 

Pork Pie

If you like pork pies, then you will probably like a pork pie wedged into a sandwich. 

A cheeky bit of mustard must also be added to the dish, as well as the obligatory tomato sauce. It is a no-brainer. 

Spag Bol

I live spag bol. My grandparent’s parents were Italian, and my taste buds are the only part of me that still has some Italian DNA in them. 

If you are really hungry, then eating your spag bol between two slices of bread, with bucket loads of butter, will keep you full for at least 100 years. 

But have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments below and if you are looking for new ideas when it comes to knowing what to put in your sandwiches, check out this book: 

‘Max’s Sandwich Book: The Ultimate Guide To Creating Perfection Between Two Slices of Bread 

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