WATCH: Man With No Vehicle Uses Cardboard Cut-Out At Drive-Thru

The nation is hungry for fast-food. For months now, people have had no choice other than to eat nutritious ‘whole foods’.

And although our immune systems have appreciated these ‘whole foods’, our tastebuds appear to have been suffering.

So we are not surprised that thousands of people have been spending much of their day joining long queues of vehicles at a drive-thru fast food restaurants as we start to answer out tastebuds cries when it comes to eating food that will stir our senses once more.

But what if you don’t have a car? What if you need fast food, but you don’t have the right ‘credentials’ to join a mile-long queue? What then?

Do you stand outside your favourite fast-food eatery in the hope that someone will throw you some spare chicken nuggets?

Or do you stand around at the beginning of the drive-thru queue, in the hope that someone will take pity on you and allow you into their vehicle as they place their order?

Well, one male has come up with a solution to this pressing issue.

And it involves making a cardboard ‘car’ and walking down to your local drive-thru before joining the long queue of vehicles.

The video below, uploaded to Twitter, shows the moment when a hungry male slowly meandered his way towards his favourite eating hole without the correct credentials (a car).

Instead of a traditional car, he had a cardboard one instead – a bit like this one –>

What you do something similar if you did not have access to a vehicle but could not control your desire to eat processed deep-fried foodstuffs?

Let us know in the comments below.

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