Motorist Fined After Driving With Sunblinds On Windscreen

A motorist has been fined in Northern Ireland after police spotted a vehicle being driven with two sunblinds fixed to the front windscreens. 

Sunblinds have become a popular addition to most cars, but the majority of drivers understand that they are supposed to be fitted to the inside of side windows, rather than on the inside of a windscreen. 

So you can only imagine how dumbfounded officers were when they saw a driver and a passenger (front seat) hidden behind two black-mesh sunblinds. 

Both sunblinds had cat faces on them, so it probably looked even dafter as two smiling cat faces peered out from behind the windscreen. 

NI Road Policing and Safety said:

“Road Policing officers from Maydown nearly had kittens when they saw this car while on patrol in the NW. 

“We know the sun has been shining, but this is not the answer! 

“This driver was given a Fixed Penalty Notice, and thankfully the sun blinds were removed!”

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