Protestors Taunt Cops With Donuts

Trying to keep the country safe from protestors is hungry work.

And I am not talking about the peaceful protestors who have a valid point to make, rather than the ‘professional protestors’ who just want to smash things up, set fire to stuff and ruin the small businesses of hardworking citizens.

So when we saw a picture on social media of some protestors teasing some police officers by waving a donut around in front of them on a bit of string, we instantly became hungry.

So you can only imagine how the officers who were stood in front of the sugary snacks must have felt as they racked up their 12th hour during their long-ass shift of trying to keep the peace.

In the picture, three protestors can be seen teasing the officers by dangling the sweet treat only yards away from their faces.

To be fair to the cops, they look undeterred by the temptation that is swinging around in front of them.

Or maybe the donuts are small pinatas which can be used as target practice? After all, a donut that has been smashed into tiny pieces can be shared out amongst the protesters and the cops.

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