What’s The Cake Fine For Your Police Buggy Being Swept Out To Sea? Asking For A Mate…

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It was only a week-or-two ago that we shared a story about a Lincolnshire police buggy that got stuck in the sand. 

But, for some reason, ‘fate’ seems to have taken a disliking to the buggy in question because now it has been claimed by the sea! 

Today, the DailyMail shared a story about how the Lincolnshire Police ‘all-terrain vehicle’ ended up being swept out into the north sea after it was marooned on the beach. 

Apparently, officers had been using the buggy to patrol the beaches of the Lincolnshire Coast over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

‘The vehicle had been patrolling our beaches following a large number of reports that people had travelled from outside of the county for a walk on the beach.

‘Unfortunately, the vehicle couldn’t be recovered, it was taken into the sea by the tide, and we are now working to recover the vehicle.’

If you know what the cake fine should be, then let us know in the comments below!

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