Thousands Of Cops FINALLY Get To Enjoy Their August Bank Holiday As Notting Hill Carnival Is Cancelled

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I am reasonably sure that thousands of Met Police officers will be rejoicing at the news of the fact that the Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled this year.

For years now, overstretched and overworked police officers have had to forfeit their August Bank Holiday weekend to police an event that many feel has become too big for the streets of London. 

During my own time in the Met Police, I policed Notting Hill Carnival quite a few times. 

The atmosphere is always quite lovely when it begins. But then as the booze starts to flow and London’s street gangs head to the carnival, the atmosphere always changes. 

During 2019’s NHC, a woman had her lip almost bitten off by a male who just came up to her and decided to bite her face. 

You often get groups of lads just running through the crowds, punching anyone (police or not) who they feel like it. I have seen it with my own two eyes. 

Of course, it is not just the Notting Hill carnival that results in police officers being assaulted. But for some reason, the severity and the sheer number of police officers who do get attacked while trying to police the Notting Hill Carnival is just ridiculous. 

So I am happy that my former oppos in the Met Police will, this year at least, get to spend the August Bank Holiday with their loved ones rather than with some individuals who love to hurt them. 

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