Send The London ‘Group Hug’ Protestors Into An ICU Ward

Today we learn of a group of ‘protestors’ who decided to have a ‘group hug’ outside of the Met Polices’ Headquarters because they, by all accounts, are bored with the lockdown/social distancing measures which have been put in place to save lives.

We are all probably feeling the same.

We miss our friends and our family. We miss being able to go to the shops and walk straight in without having to queue outside while maintaining a two-metre gap.

We are all in the same boat. But those of us who are endowed with common sense, realise that these measures are for the ‘greater good’. By keeping to the rules, more lives have been saved.

But, how can we forget that 27,510 people have died after contracting the virus?

How can we forget the thousands of people who have passed away in hospital without their friends and family by their side?

How can we forget the thousands of people who had to say goodbye to their family and friends, via WhatsApp, surrounded by the brave NHS staff who were their only link to the outside world?

The individuals who are ‘protesting’ are a disgrace because they appear to care more about their own frustration than they do about helping to save lives.

Imagine having the audacity and the front, to go and protest outside of the Met Polices’ HQ, when thousands of families have lost loved ones to the very virus that our emergency services are trying to help protect us from?

That’s part of ‘our’ problem. Humanity seems more obsessed with ‘service to self’ rather than ‘service to others’.

Why would you protest over measures which have been put in place to save lives? It makes no sense. Or maybe these particular protestors have been missing the attention which they crave so much?

The attention which makes them feel ‘relevant’?

I only hope that each and every one of them was fined and that the money from the fines can somehow go to supporting the 27,510 families who have lost loved ones to a virus that relies on close contact between its victims to carry out its deadly mission.


  • They should be made to go to the Mortuaries or turn off the life support machines – pathetic selfish specimens

  • Why not turn the fire hoses them

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