Paramedic Writes No-Nonsense Message After Some People Used VE Day As An Excuse For A Punch-up

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On Friday, households around the country celebrated VE Day by having street parties with their neighbours. 

The majority of these street parties were being held in accordance with the social distancing rules which have been in place for the last few weeks. 

But if you happened to drive to the shops on Friday evening, then you probably could not help but notice that LOADS of people were mingling as if there were no social distancing restrictions rules in place at all. 

It is almost as if some people thought that, because it was VE Day, then the virus decided to take the day off and let people have a bit of downtime before coming back into our lives again. 

The paramedic said:

“So apparently you can’t catch COVID-19 on VE Day??

“Last nights shift was like a NYE, worst I’ve seen in a very long time, lost count of the amount of CT heads that were needed. 

“Intoxicated, assaults, head injuries. 

“So in about 12 days time, expect a peak because all the hard work of everyone [on the] front line was a total waste of time. 

“Don’t bother clapping Thursday because you’ve stabbed us all in the back”.

It is obvious that many members of the emergency services have felt completely let down by the actions of the irresponsible few who hijacked VE Day and used it as an excuse to get drunk and assault each other. 

These individuals would probably not have even bothered to ‘celebrate’ VE Day had it not of been for the lockdown. 

And who can blame our emergency services and NHS for feeling so let down by some sections of the general public? They have lost their colleagues to the virus. 

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  1. This was actually from an ED nurse not a paramedic. I saw the original post which was shared by all friends in the Emergency service

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