Nurse In Russia Disciplined For Wearing Only Her Underwear Under Transparent PPE Gown

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There are thousands of reasons to admire the men and women who have to spend their entire shift in full PPE as they treat patients. 

Hospital wards are renown for being hotter than the surface of the sun whenever the outside ambient temperature goes over 10 degrees Celsius. 

Earlier this year, my wife gave birth in a hospital (not in Russia), and one of the midwives who looked after her explained that the radiators in the ward we were staying on had been kept on for decades as nobody knew how to turn them off. 

But when one nurse in Russia decided that the best way to stop herself from overheating was to strip off down to her underwear, it wasn’t long before she found herself in hot water.

Judging by the look on the face of the patient in the picture, then she definitely ‘raised’ the morale of her patients…

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