Military Wife Gets Angry After Having To Pay For Her Chardonnay

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A military wife has kicked off after she was told that she had to pay for her drinks, even though her husband serves in the military.  

The total bill for the two drinks came to $24, but when it came to the tip, the customer put a big fat zero and shared her displeasure at having to pay for the alcohol. 

Instead of a monetary tip, the military wife wrote: “I’m a military spouse it should be free – next time thank a military spouse.”

A picture of the receipt was then uploaded to social media with the caption:

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  1. There are a lot of people who think they need to treated as something special. As ex military who had a spouse I don’t remember her wanting anything special of course like myself she came from a mining family , an occupation as essential and at times as dangerous as military. I joined up to get out of mining.

  2. Why oh why, do the wives of Military Personell think it means that they hold the same Rank/ Rate?? They are wives only

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