Masked Machete-Wielding Men Break Into The Wrong House During Bizarre Sexual Fantasy

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We each have our own fantasy’s when it comes to sexual liaisons. 

But if you have ever become turned on at the idea of someone breaking into your house armed with machetes, then it would appear that you are not alone (if you live in Australia).

One such male hired two men to break into his house, armed with machetes, so that they could then tie him up. Once tied up, then the plan was for the two masked men to stroke the ‘victim’ with a broom. 

By this stage, you might think that this article is ‘fake news’ but, alas, my friends, it is not. I will add the link to the original article at the bottom of this page. 

Anyway, back to the bizarre story…

So, according to the client’s wishes, the two masked men broke into what they thought was the correct address. And, to be fair, it was the address which they had been given by the ‘client’. 

But it turned out that their ‘intelligence’ was not up-to-date, as they ended up breaking into the ‘wrong’ house.

Can you just imagine being the unfortunate victim of this sexual-fantasy-gone-wrong? 

But the ‘client’ himself was not entirely happy with the weapons which they were ‘packing’, and so he asked them to leave the weapons in their car. 

One the ‘act’ had been completed, the happy client cooked the masked duo some noodles, eggs and bacon before they sat around and had a chat about the encounter. 

But the real victim in all of this had already called the cops and the police ended up intercepting the duo at the client’s address. 

There are some stories which you really could not make up. And this is one of them. 

Fair play to the BBC for spotting this hoofing example of just how peculiar some of us are. 

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