Man Hiding From The Cops Gives His Location Away After Loud Fart

On Thursday, officers from Nottinghamshire Police executed a warrant at a residential address to try and find a male who had been giving them the slip.

However, when the police arrived, the male had other ideas and made good his escape by running and hiding in some local ‘foulage’.

The suspect thought that hiding in the woods would be enough to throw officers off the scent, so to speak.

But as the officers were searching the undergrowth, they heard a distinctive noise that can only be attributed to the every-day function of the human body; the suspect let off an ‘air biscuit’.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that officers heard a noise “believed to be the sound of someone breaking wind from a nearby bush”.

Once the male had given away his location, it wasn’t long before officers picked him up and carted him away.

Perhaps another good reason why anyone with a dairy intolerance should lay off of the stuff. Especially when you are ‘playing’ hide n seek.

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