‘Eye Test In Progress’ – Van Driver Has A Poke At Recent Events

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Regardless of what you think about the whole Dominic Cummings saga, you cannot deny that the great British sense of humour never fails to deliver during moments of controversy. 

And this is one such example of the world-renown British sense of humour that can take almost any situation and satirise it so that individuals from all sides can raise a much-needed smile. 

A yellow van has been spotted with the following message on the back: 

“This journey has been approved by Dominic Cummings – eye test in progress”. 

The van (and the message) obviously raised a few smiles as it hurtled along the road. 

Just as a footnote though, if you are not sure if your eyesight is good enough to drive, then make sure you get medical advice or advice from your insurer before you get behind the wheel! 

I am reasonably sure that, if you were involved in an accident, and your insurer asked you about the nature of your journey, and you replied: “I was testing my eyesight” then you might have some indemnity issues as, technically, you have to tell your insurer about any new medical conditions before you drive! 

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  1. Quote from Domenic Cummings – Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Is that also the advice he gives to his boss?

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