Could Zorbs Be The Answer To A Post-Lockdown Britain?

If you look out of your window (and you live in an urban area), then you might be forgiven for thinking that the lockdown has come to an end, owing to the number of people who are out-and-about.

But the truth is, that the lockdown is still in force until further notice.

But what can we do to help halt the spread of the virus once the lockdown has come to an end? Because let’s face it, an end to the lockdown does not mean an end to the virus.

The lockdown just means that we can more-or-less try to get back to some relative normality.

There is talk of people having to wear face masks and of people still having to keep to the two-metre ‘personal exclusion zones’ once the ‘lockdown’ has finished.

But what about making people walk around in giant zorbs!? That could work? Zorbs help to create your own little are of tranquillity that people cannot infringe upon, even if they wanted to!

I would be more than happy to walk around with a zorb.

I could pretend that I have not seen people who I have been trying to avoid for ages; should I happen to bump into them when the lockdown ends.

Anyone who follows our page will know that this is not really a serious suggestion or consideration.

But we thought that you might get some pleasure from the image of millions of people walking around in zorbs.

Imagine nightclubs with hundreds of ravers jumping around in zorbs!? I would pay to see that.

Let us know what you think!