WATCH: Irish Air Corps Helicopter Door Falls Off During Fight Over School

An investigation has been launched after the rear door of an Irish Air Corps helicopter fell to the ground as the chopper flew over a Dublin Secondary School. 

The freak accident happened on Thursday evening at around 17:52 hours. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. 

According to, the crew of the AW139 aircraft had successfully completed a critical and life-saving mission to Dublin hospital. 

As they were returning to their base at Baldonnel Aerodrome, the door somehow managed to work free of its fittings and ended up falling to the ground. 

Locals must have thought that maybe the aircraft had been shot out of the sky as they surveyed the scene where the door landed.

The door came to a rest in the grounds of Moyle Park secondary school in Clondalkin, and several people on the earth witnessed its rapid descent. 

A video showing the door ‘in situ’ was uploaded to social media as bewildered members of the public stood around the door. 

Thankfully, incidents of this nature are incredibly rare. 

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