Emergency Ambulance Reborn As A Mobile Fish & Chip Shop

Unless you are one of the amazing men or women who has served in the emergency ambulance service, then you probably can only start to imagine the sights which have been seen in the back of an emergency ambulance.

Notwithstanding the copious amounts of bodily fluids which have been spilt on the floor and sprayed over the walls, I am sure that there are plenty of other ‘things’ which have had to be contained in the rear of one.

So when it comes to eating grabbing some fish and chips, the last ‘plaice’ you would expect to visit to satisfy your empty stomach would be the back of a decommissioned ambulance.

But one budding food entrepreneur has turned an old ambulance into a mobile fish and chip shop.

The emergency markings have been kept on the outside the ambulance, but other than that, most of the old emergency equipment has been removed.

The blue-light bar has been deactivated and (I am guessing) the siren has also been removed.

Although, the sight of an emergency ambulance dashing on blue-lights to a hungry family would probably be quite a funny one to behold.

The ambulance was commissioned for service in 2009 so probably has more miles on it than the International Space Station (although, the ISS is perhaps more comfortable).

There was some suggestion on social media that the ambulance was being crewed by some off-duty medics who were topping up their salaries by working on their days off.

But this rumour was quickly proven not to be the case by our team.

But would you be happy to buy your fish and chips from the back of an old emergency ambulance? Let us know in the comments below!

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