Man Gets His Penis Stuck In Spanner

A man was left red-faced after firefighters had to be called to hospital to remove a work tool from his penis.

The man became stuck after his penis swelled up in a ring spanner and he was unable to remove it.

Twead Head Firefighters said that it was not uncommon for them to be called to these sort of ‘jobs’ where people leave it too late through the fear of being embarrassed.

Speaking about the incident at the time,Firefighter Peter Sutherland said:

“We use a tiny angle grinder that is air operated and use a measuring tape to protect the skin and slowly zip away at it while keeping the water running on it, so it doesn’t get too hot.”

Thankfully, the procedure was a complete success. There is a rumour that the male wanted to use the spanner to tighten his nuts.

Males have been urged to keep their private parts away from everyday objects such as spanners and hoovers.

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