Member Of The Public Makes An Appeal To Find The Paramedic In This Poignant Picture

There is little doubt that our amazing men and women who serve in the emergency ambulance service have navigated through what will be remembered as one of the most testing times in our history.

The same applies to the NHS in general and, of course, the other emergency services. But in the context of this article, we are talking specifically about the emergency ambulance service. 

Not only have paramedics, ECAs, EMTs, AAPs etc. seen more death in the last few months than what they would ordinarily see over a few years, but they have also lost colleagues who have been on the front line of the fight against the virus.

And they have also lost colleagues who have sadly taken their own lives.  

At around 0500 hours this morning, a paramedic stopped to gaze at the sun as it emerged from the North Sea. 

This paramedic had no-doubt spent the night dashing from call-to-call, saving lives and helping people.

A member of the public who was walking their dog, saw the paramedic gazing at the sun and decided to go over to her for a chat. 

As the member of the public walked away, he turned around and took a picture that just somehow manages to sum up the feeling and sentiment of many who have been on the frontline of the fight against the virus. 

And, wow, what a picture. 

But now the male who took the picture, a chap named Gary Head, is trying to find the paramedic who he spoke to so that he can gift the image to her. 

In a post shared on social media, Gary said:

“I was down the beach as usual around 5 am this morning with the dogs and came across this scene, a lone paramedic sitting watching the sunrise and with no disrespect, looking exhausted. 

“I had a little chat and took the picture. 

“A little bit of innocence in an upside-down world…I am getting this painted, going to find that paramedic and give it to her…I hope this brings some perspective while you enjoy your morning coffee. 

“Can people share this in [the] hope I can find her?”

Well, it is our pleasure to share this appeal across all of our social media pages and groups in the hope that one of our 707k combined followers/group members will know who this paramedic is. 

If you are the paramedic in the image, then please send us a DM so we can put you in contact with the person who took this moving picture. 

The picture was taken in Gorleston-on-Sea (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk) at around 05:00 hours today (21st May)

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