What’s The Cake Fine For A Speedboat Ending Up In Your Engine?

Bit of a strange one this and I am reasonably confident that this could be a world first? A Speed enforcement van with a speedboat in its engine?

At the moment, we aren’t sure how the speedboat managed to penetrate the engine of the speed enforcement van, but no doubt there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it…?

Maybe the speedboat could sniff the water contained in the vans screen wash bottle and, like a water-seeking missile, went straight for it?

The van itself belongs to Kent Police and will now be out of action for some time.

Perhaps the speedboat was just looking out for its land-based vehicular cousins?

I feel sorry for the guy who was in charge of the van and who now has to wait hours upon hours for a recovery truck to arrive as billions of people take pictures of the unfortunate situation and upload the images to social media…

UPDATE: In fact, it turned out that the boat became free of the car that was towing it and ended up planting itself in the front of the speed enforcement van.

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