What’s Going On Here, Debbie?

More and more people are starting to count down the minutes, if not seconds, until they can go to the barbers/hairdressers to get rid of their overgrown mops.

Many of us have got hair growing on parts of our head where we did not even know hair grew owing to the fact that our barbers are so good at keeping us looking trim and tidy.

We are seeing more and more people walking around, looking like their mum/dad has put a bowl on their head and cut around it.

Our hair is being assaulted by people who have not got a clue as to what they are doing, and it is starting to show.

But one hair salon seems to be suggesting that girls with long hair must be ‘tied up’ before entering their establishment.

The salon, owned by ‘Debbie’, must be really worried about clients reaching for pairs of scissors to hack away at their own hair before ‘Debbie’ has had a chance to work her magic.

I think ‘Debbie’ is going to need more cable ties…

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