Professional Bystanders Yell At Cops For Not Wearing Masks As They Detain Knife-Wielding Thug

If you are one of our followers, then you will know just how much we love professionals bystanders because they are such a great source of entertainment.

Professionals bystanders love nothing better than to get involved with things which they know nothing or little about. 

In particular, professionals bystanders cannot help but give unwanted advice to members of the emergency services and armed forces. These professionals bystanders haven’t served, but they know everything about the job. 

Over the weekend, we spotted a special breed of bystander who had been caught telling two Met Police Officers that they should be wearing a paper mask as they detained an individual who had a knife — it did not matter that they (the professional bystanders) themselves weren’t wearing one). 

Anyone with an ounce of common sense will understand that, when confronted with someone who is armed with a knife, then the last thing any cop is going to be thinking about, is putting on a frigging paper mask! 

The Sun covered the story and, suffice to say, that the backlash against this professional bystanders was what you would expect.

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